Hickory + Ivey Arboretum

As we are still backtracking through the weeks to not miss any of the important events in our life, today I take you to two Sundays ago. The place; Hickory. The weather; Sunny and oh so hot to us mountain people. The reason; The Mr. found a ‘new to us ‘ truck he wanted to take a peek at and we had never been to Hickory, so why don’t we just check it out.

When we arrived to downtown hickory, it was a ghost town. We had no idea if anything was open or even if there were any inhabitants. The downtown scene is very quaint and colorful, and not bustling in the least on a Sunday afternoon.

Hickory 1

It was well past lunch time and our stomachs had given up on growling at this point. Wait a minute! Some people walking into a pub! We are filled with joy! Something is actually open!

Hickory 2

The food was fantastic, paleo friendly, inexpensive, and did I already say fantastic? Not to mention they offered every type of beer you have heard of and have not heard of. I give them 5 out of 5 forks! The perfect place to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

After leaving the pub, we decided to take a stroll to see what Hickory would have to offer us for entertainment. We walked passed a ton of these cute benches, beautifully painted in every imaginable design and color. (The couch one is my favorite. I love the studs and painted Victorian feet!)

Hickory 3

Hickory 4

Hickory 5

Hickory 6

Then we just so happened to pass Ivey Arboretum, where we spent hours examining and learning about trees. Trees, grass, and dirt, now that’s our kind of place! If you ever visit Hickory, I highly recommend spending some time with the trees in the arboretum. It is a beautiful place to connect with Mother Earth.

Hickory 7

Hickory 8

Hickory 9

Hickory 10

Hickory 11

Hickory 12

Hickory 13

Hickory 14

Hickory 15

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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