Gloucester // Lobstering With Captain Geno

The compass rose only took three days to install, so the remainder of the week left us wandering around Gloucester. On one of those days, we had the opportunity to go lobstering with Captain Geno. A little known fact about Captain Geno, if you have ever seen the movie “The Perfect Storm,” Geno was the guy in the opening scene building a dory!

Other than poking at the glass at the live ones in the grocery store tank, this was my first encounter with a lobster. Learning the difference between males and females, size restrictions, secret lobstering spots, and the actual process that will leave you soaked to the bone were some of the most interesting lessons I have learned about our ocean thus far.

Our ride “Western Edge” awaits us.

Lobstering 1

Captain Geno at the wheel.

Lobstering 2

And we are lobstering!

Lobstering 3

Lobstering 4

Lobstering 5

Lobstering 6

Lobstering 7

Lobstering 8

Lobstering 9

Lobstering 10

Me and The Mr. enjoying the lobster lesson. My hair “loved” the Gloucester humidity, in case you couldn’t tell.

Lobstering 11

After a day of oh so hard work, we motored back to the Dory Shop to steam our catch, chow down on fresh, just out of the ocean, lobster and crab and drink a cold beer cider.

Lobstering 12

Lobstering 13

Lobstering 14

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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