So yes, I have obviously been neglecting my blog. An entire week in Gloucester was just enough time to screw up my sleeping pattern, get behind on everything, especially work, gain 5 pounds, and not want to come home. I LOVED it there!!!! We only had 3 very sunny days, two of which were solely work days, so we had to skip a few things on our “fun” agenda. In case you have not seen the project we were working on, the sole purpose of the trip, you can look at the pictures from day one through the finished project here. Over the next few days I am hitting the rewind button through the last two weeks, just to make sure you don’t miss a thing. So here we go! Away to Gloucester!

Crow’s Nest, (or just The Nest, as we were made privy to the local lingo), was our home for the week. If you don’t know just how awesome that was, check out wiki and find out why.

Gloucester 1

The beautiful Harbor Loop area where we were working.

Gloucester 2

Gloucester 3

Gloucester 4

Gloucester 5

Gloucester 6

Gloucester 7

Gloucester 8

Gloucester 9

Gloucester 10

Gloucester 11

Gloucester 12

Gloucester 13

Gloucester 14

Gloucester 15

The view of Gloucester, the harbor, and Ten Pound Island from the water on our first boat trip through the harbor.

Gloucester 16

Gloucester 17

Gloucester 18

Gloucester 19

Gloucester 20

Gloucester 21

Gloucester 22

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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