Hiking Upper Creek Falls

This past Sunday, our hiking adventures took us to Upper Creek Falls. A: Because it was a short hike at only 1.6 miles. B: Because it just felt like a water fall day.

The Mr. and I had planned to wake up at our usual week day time to quickly eat breakfast, throw on our clothes, and scoot out the door. That did not happen. I hit snooze so many times, I could have counted them as reps. for sit-ups. Finally at 10:00 am, we were on our way.

We really didn’t know exactly where we were going. I read a couple of blog posts that pointed us in a direction we were familiar with. After driving in that general direction and then a little more, we passed it. (But high five, because we still found it!) After turning around and driving up the short dirt drive to the parking area, we were elated to see only three other cars.

Upper Creek Falls 1

You are given the choice to start your journey to the upper falls or lower falls (the trail is a loop), so down we went, as we both prefer to hike down then back up.

Upper Creek Falls 2

The hike is quite easy and uneventful, passing only a few large boulders, but pleasant with the sound of rushing water in the distance throughout the entire hike.We stuck to the main trail, but If you feel like cheating, there are many well-worn foot paths leading straight down through the trees.

Upper Creek Falls 3

Upper Creek Falls 4

When you reach the lower falls, the scene is absolutely amazing. You can watch the water move powerfully down the falls, crash into the rocks below, and gradually slow down to a steady stream as it flows down the river basin.

Upper Creek Falls 5

Upper Creek Falls 6

Upper Creek Falls 7

Upper Creek Falls 8

The scene was picturesque, the sun was warm, and there was not another soul around, so we walked down the river basin on the boulders in the center of the stream to enjoy a moment of the day.

Upper Creek Falls 9

When we were ready, we walked back towards the falls and passed a family playing in the water and using the rocks as water slides. Oh to be a kid again; unconcerned with the temperature of the water, screaming, and splashing about with blue lips.

The hike to the upper falls was fast and spotted with the same scenery as the hike down. The Mr. and I both agreed we were not nearly as captivated with the view from the upper falls, but it is worth the hike nonetheless.

Upper Creek Falls 10

And on a semi-clear day, you can see this.

Upper Creek Falls 11

How To Get There:
From the Linville area or from the Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost #312.5, take Hwy 181 S. Travel Hwy 181 for almost 6 miles. You will see the sign and gravel entrance on the left.

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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