Life In The Ivy

For weeks now, we have been watching a trellis of poison ivy climb our exterior wall and slowly covering our only bedroom window. It is being torn down today, because we all know the wrath she brings when getting too close, so I wanted to document it. I wanted to capture a picture of how beautifully … More Life In The Ivy

Flower Stamping

As a family, we are really trying not to buy “new.” As in go to Target and leave the store $150 later with no memory of sticking $150 worth of items in your cart. Why does that always happen??? Anyway, we fall short sometimes and let the idea of new, shiny things get the best … More Flower Stamping

Living On One Dollar

As most know, we are an extremely frugal, non-wasteful family. We buy what we need, sometimes what we want, and rarely splurge. One of our only monthly splurges lately has been Netflix. The cheapest viewing option, of course, but a splurge for us none-the-less. I’m slowly settling in to this mom thing and learning to allow myself … More Living On One Dollar

Where The Grass Is Greener

Today is the first day of October. Another flip on the old refrigerator calendar. Scanning through the 31 squares filled with birthdays, appointments, bill due dates, travel plans, Halloween, etc., one square stands out in particular; the end of our rental lease. October marks one year since we moved back to Boone into our tiny mountain cabin. Just as in true Taylor Tribe fashion, … More Where The Grass Is Greener